Monday, 12 April 2010

Hello! My first post :D

This is my first post on here! I am really looking forward to blogging and sharing my love for makeup and nailpolishes with you all.
This is just a quick post telling you a little bit about me....

My name's Paige, Im 13 years old and Im from the UK. I love all things girly (the colour pink, sun, makeup, nail polishes, fashion, shopping, chocolate, diamonds, glitter, puppies..) I have a pet rabbit and 2 fish. Hopefully I will be getting a chiwahwah or a pomeranian soon because I have wanted a little teacup dog for SOOO long now! I am obsessed with anything Hello Kitty, Disney and Barbie lol. I have enough makeup and nail polish to last me 3 lifetimes and I love it... IM OBSESSED!!

This blog is going to have makeup, nail polish and skin products reviews aswell as some nail art tutorials and beauty tips and tricks.

So there ya' go.. My first blog post!
Speak to you all soon,
Paige xoxo

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