Friday, 28 May 2010

China Glaze - Peachy Keen

Love this colour! Such a fresh, stylish summer colour. China Glaze's Peachy Keen is my one of my favourite colour from my polish collection.

PICTURE: With flash

The formula of this polish is different than the other polishes in the Up and Away collection. It's better, so that's good in my books. Still a bit streaky but not as much as Re-Fresh Mint. 2 coats make the polish opaque. It still chips very easily, even with a top coat and for the first time EVER, I have experienced nail polish peeling :( Not just a little peel here and there, but the whole layer of polish coming off! I'm going to be experimenting with ways to stop that from happening again!

PICTURES: Without flash

Also, before I go to paint my nails for the wedding I'm off to later today, I want to say a huge thanks to the lovely Gina from my favourite NP blog, Prim and Polished. She interviewed me for her 'Interview with a Polish Blogger' segment from her blog and I had a lot of fun. You can read the interview here. 
Thanks girls!
Paige xoxo

Saturday, 22 May 2010

MAC & Disney Venomous Villains information, teaser & pictures!!

Hey there :)
I am super excited right now! WDW has confirmed that they are collaborating with MAC to launch there limited edition Venomous Villains Collection.

It's due to launch in September this year globally at all MAC stores and online. MAC have taken inspiration from 4 Disney villains, but that's about all they are giving away.

The Shadow Man from Princess and the Frog

Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians Series

Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

Evil Queen from Snow White

MAC has published a teaser video that you can view by clicking the link here:

Here's a quote from WDW: ''MAC Cosmetics is teaming up with Disney to create a limited edition color collection, intended to launch globally in late September in all MAC locations. The products will feature four Disney characters, on which the brand is keeping mum at the moment — although with a collection name of Venomous Villains, it is assumed that we’re not talking Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse here. Lipstick, powder, lip gloss and blush shades will be sold, ranging in price from $12 to $29.50.'

I can't wait to see pictures or get any more info on the collection! I'm so excited to see the colours and the PACKAGING!!
What are your thoughts and ideas on the collection? Are you looking forward to it?
Paige xoxo

China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint

Today I'm posting a review and swatches of the polish Re-Fresh Mint by the well known and well loves company China Glaze. I've heared so many great things about China Glaze from girls around the globe so I was expecting great things. I'm sad to say that I'm not very impressed with this polish.


I didn't like the formula that much, I think it was kinda gloppy. It didn't apply evenly and left alot of streaks and a few bald patches. After 2 coats, it evened out but there was still a bit of baldness on 2 nails. I used the Collection 2000 topcoat and despite that, after only 1 day, the polish has alot of dents on near enough every nail and had rather big chips.
I really wanted to love this because the colour is gorgeous but unfortunately, I didn't. I just hope that this formula is a 'one off' and I will love my other CG's.


Re-Fresh Mint looks like a dupe for Essie's Mint Candy Apple in the bottle so I'm going to be comparing them soon and hopefully Essie's will be the same colour, but a better formula.

What do you think of Re-Fresh Mint?
Paige xoxo

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Zoya Midori

Hello there :D
I'm so excited to tell you that I got my first Zoya polish! I love it! I'm definatley going to be looking into the brand more and making more orders. Gorgeous colours, fantastic application and the bottle looks so elegant and pretty.

I have Midori. I chose this as it's such a pretty colour and green nail polishes are a huge spring and summer trend. The polish has very suttle shimmer that looks super pretty in the day light.
 I've been wearing this polish for 2 days and I have had so many compliments on the colour! I used the Collection 2000 topcoat and 2 coats of Midori and the polish hasn't started chipping yet wich is great.
Application was fantastic, very thick, no streaks at all, no bubbles. The brush was very good and easy to use too.
Please let me know what your favoruite Zoya colours are as I would love to give them a try!
Paige xoxo

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Mini Polish Haul!

Hey :)
I just wanted to fill you in on a few new polishes I purchaced recently. They came in the mail today and I'm so excited to try them out!
  • China Glaze - Re Fresh Mint
  • China Glaze - Peachy Keen
  • Essie - Mint Candy Apple
  • Orly - Charged Up
  • OPI - Clubbing Till Sunrise
  • OPI - Little Less Conversation
  • Zoya - Midori
I have a French mani at the moment so I can't do any swatches tonight but look out for some in the next few days.
Have you tried any of the polishes above? What's your favourite?
Paige xoxo

Monday, 10 May 2010

Wet N Wild - Lavender Creme

How is everyone on this Monday evening?
I'm actually quite excited about this polish that I just applied! It's by Wet N Wild and in the shade Lavender Creme. Wet N Wild polishes are avalible at an amazing price of 99c (USD) and I got mine from Walgreens when I was in Florida on vacation last December. I'm not sure where you can get them here in the UK but you could proberbly find an online store that sells them or take a look on eBay if your interested.
As some of you might know, pink is my favourite colour of ALL time so I have quite a few different shades of pink in my collection. This one though is my favourite as I love the colour so much! It's a very very hot, Barbie pink... Love it!!
1 coat would have been enough but because I loved the colour so much, I wanted to add another coat to make the colour more brighter and stand out more. I used the Collection 2000 topcoat that I absolutley love. The picture is without flash.
Application was fantastic. Very thick and creamy formular (my favourite) and had a glossy finish. I would definatley recomend these polishes to anyone.
I'm definatley going to be looking into the brand more carefully and seeing what other shades they have.  
Have you tried the Wet N Wild polishes before? Whats your favourite shade?
Paige xoxo

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Nails Inc - Paris

As promised, here's my swatch and review on the limited edition Nails Inc. polish in Paris that I got free with the Diet Coke promotion. If you want more information on the Nails Inc. for Diet Coke offer, see my previous post.
I applied this last night and somehow, I managed to spill nail polish remover all over my bed, but lets not go into details about that lol!

The picture doesn't show the real colour of the polish. In real life, it's more darker, more of a plum colour.
Application was great! Very smooth, streak-free, no bubbles and dried extremely quickly. One coat would have been enough but I wanted to use 2 coats, just for a brighter colour.
I totally forgot to apply a topcoat this time and the polish has just started chipping ever so slightly on the top of 5 of my nails so if you don't use a topcoat, this is something you should keep in mind.
To buy the Nails Inc. polishes regularly, they cost £10.50. Expensive for a nail polish but I think there worth it if I'm honest. The range of colours the company has is very good and the application makes the money well spent!
Have you tried Nails Inc. polishes before? What ones are your favourite?
Paige xoxo

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Nails Inc for Diet Coke

Hey girls!
After a break from this blog, I'm back with information on a great deal I found out about today.
Get a free bottle of limited edition Nails Inc polish when you buy any 2 500ml bottles of Diet Coke.
The Coke bottles cost £1.18 each (I think) and the deal is avalible at Boots stores nationwide until the 30th June 2010.

'London' is a nude colour, inspired by Brit passion for cool fashion. 'Paris' is a deep purple, a tribute to the most romantic city in the world and a beautiful sunset over the Eiffel Tower. 'Milan' is a fiery Italian red and 'New York' is a vibrant fuchsia pink inspired by the attitude of the city that never sleeps.

Today, I went shopping and I purchaced the 2 bottles of Diet Coke and I chose the polish in Paris. I'm going to apply it tonight and I'll post the swatches and review either later tonight or tomorow. Next time I'm in Boots, I'm going to get another polish and hopefully collect them all!
Go and grab this great deal while you can!
Paige xoxo