Sunday, 25 April 2010

Number 17 Candy Collection..

Hey girlies!
Today I'm going to be reviewing 3 of the polishes from the new Number 17 Candy Collection. I'm also using another 17 polish that's not from the collection.
There are 5 polishes in the collection all together and theres also a range of eyeshadows, blushes and lipglosses.
From left: Sherbet Lemon, Pink Lemonade (NOT from the collection), Parma Voilet, Orange Soda.

The formular of the Candy Collection polishes are much thicker than the regular 17 Lasing Fix ones.
On the first coat, it was very streaky and uneven. I applied about 3/4 coats of each colour and. The colours are very on trend for Spring and Summer.
All good things to say about these appart from 1 little thing. I hate the formular of the Sherbet Lemon one! Its gloopy, hard to apply and no matter how carefully I apply this colour, it still produces bubbles on the nail :( 
Other than that, there really good polishes. I love the colours and I'm definatley going to be buying the other 2 polishes from the cllection (Mint Choc Chip, Fairy Cake).
They cost £2.99 for 8ml from any Boots store. 

Also at the moment Boots are offering a pretty cool offer. If you spend £6 or more on selected 17 cosmetics you will recieve a free gift so go check that out!
Let me know what colours you have from the collection and what you think of them.
Paige xoxo

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

My first OPI polish!

 Hey there :D
Hope you have all had a good day, I have..
Im so excited to share that I got my first OPI Nail Lacqure. I'm totally in love with it! I got the shade Tickle My France-y.

I used 3 coats because I wanted more of a bolder colour. It's a lovely neutral colour, great for spring time. Easy, smooth application. It has a lovely glossy finish and it dries quite quickly. It doesn't go that well with my skintone but I like it ;)
It's definatley recomended this as it's a pretty colour and it's a great formular.
Speak soon!
Paige xoxo

Friday, 16 April 2010

Water Melon Nail Tutorial..

Hey girlies :D
Today I'm going to show you a fun, flirty water melon design for you'r nails. It's great for summer and it's super easy to do!
Before I started I applied the Sinful Colours Base Coat.

First I applied a medium pink colour. The one I used is just a cheap one by Jeff & Maggie. It has a bit of shimmer to it and I think a bit of shimmer makes the look a bit more 'summerfied' lol! This is 3 coats..

Next I painted my nail tips in green. I used a polish by Claire's Accessories.

Next I used my Professional Nail Art polish by Rio. I definatley recomend these polishes because if you are into doing nail art they come in very useful! They have a very thin brush one side and a pen on the other. I might do a review on these pretty soon. I used the white one to draw a thin line directly underneath my green tips.

The I used my pen side of the Professional Nail Art polish in black to create little dots on the pink section of the nail.

Leave to dry for about 20 minutes to stop the colours bleeding together then apply a top coat. I used the top coat by Sinful Colours.

I hope you like the design and please tell me your oppinions and if you tried out the design, tell me how you did!
Paige xoxo

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

NYX polish review..

Hey :D
Today Im going to be reviewing the NYX nail polish in rainbow sparkle. As NYX is an American cosmetic company, I didnt think you could get NYX in the UK. One day I was out shopping and I went into a little cosmetic store that I've never heared of or seen before. To my surprise they were selling NYX cosmetics. I got super excited because I'd never tried anything from the brand before so I bought a blush and a few polishes. The picture has 2 coats.

Out of the bunch of polish I bought on that day, this has to be the most vibrant and 'out there' polish of the lot! I tend to stick to neutral and pastel nail polish colours so this is a big change for me. I love this polish though! It was £3.99 and for the quality of the polish, thats a good price. Most glitter polishes you buy are very gloopy and when you apply, big huge clumps of glitter just 'explode' all over your nail. Not this one though! It's very easy to apply and the glitter spreads evenly over your nail without streaks and bubbles. If your looking for more of a sheer colour you will only need 1 coat of this but if you want more of a vibrant colour, 2 coats will be just fine. In the sun/daylight the colour is illuminous and very glittery. I found that instead of spreading the polish like you do with any other regular colour, it works best if you kind of dab the polish onto your nail, dotting it around the place evenly. It seems to give more of a even colour and makes it more thicker that way. I love the bottle shape and the brush is easy to use and hold.
I used the Sinful Colours Professionals base and top coat.

Please excuse my photograph, Im new to this! It will get better soon though ;D

Well I hoped you liked my first review and I recomend you take a look into buying this polish.
Paige xoxo

Monday, 12 April 2010

Hello! My first post :D

This is my first post on here! I am really looking forward to blogging and sharing my love for makeup and nailpolishes with you all.
This is just a quick post telling you a little bit about me....

My name's Paige, Im 13 years old and Im from the UK. I love all things girly (the colour pink, sun, makeup, nail polishes, fashion, shopping, chocolate, diamonds, glitter, puppies..) I have a pet rabbit and 2 fish. Hopefully I will be getting a chiwahwah or a pomeranian soon because I have wanted a little teacup dog for SOOO long now! I am obsessed with anything Hello Kitty, Disney and Barbie lol. I have enough makeup and nail polish to last me 3 lifetimes and I love it... IM OBSESSED!!

This blog is going to have makeup, nail polish and skin products reviews aswell as some nail art tutorials and beauty tips and tricks.

So there ya' go.. My first blog post!
Speak to you all soon,
Paige xoxo