Tuesday, 13 April 2010

NYX polish review..

Hey :D
Today Im going to be reviewing the NYX nail polish in rainbow sparkle. As NYX is an American cosmetic company, I didnt think you could get NYX in the UK. One day I was out shopping and I went into a little cosmetic store that I've never heared of or seen before. To my surprise they were selling NYX cosmetics. I got super excited because I'd never tried anything from the brand before so I bought a blush and a few polishes. The picture has 2 coats.

Out of the bunch of polish I bought on that day, this has to be the most vibrant and 'out there' polish of the lot! I tend to stick to neutral and pastel nail polish colours so this is a big change for me. I love this polish though! It was £3.99 and for the quality of the polish, thats a good price. Most glitter polishes you buy are very gloopy and when you apply, big huge clumps of glitter just 'explode' all over your nail. Not this one though! It's very easy to apply and the glitter spreads evenly over your nail without streaks and bubbles. If your looking for more of a sheer colour you will only need 1 coat of this but if you want more of a vibrant colour, 2 coats will be just fine. In the sun/daylight the colour is illuminous and very glittery. I found that instead of spreading the polish like you do with any other regular colour, it works best if you kind of dab the polish onto your nail, dotting it around the place evenly. It seems to give more of a even colour and makes it more thicker that way. I love the bottle shape and the brush is easy to use and hold.
I used the Sinful Colours Professionals base and top coat.

Please excuse my photograph, Im new to this! It will get better soon though ;D

Well I hoped you liked my first review and I recomend you take a look into buying this polish.
Paige xoxo

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