Friday, 16 April 2010

Water Melon Nail Tutorial..

Hey girlies :D
Today I'm going to show you a fun, flirty water melon design for you'r nails. It's great for summer and it's super easy to do!
Before I started I applied the Sinful Colours Base Coat.

First I applied a medium pink colour. The one I used is just a cheap one by Jeff & Maggie. It has a bit of shimmer to it and I think a bit of shimmer makes the look a bit more 'summerfied' lol! This is 3 coats..

Next I painted my nail tips in green. I used a polish by Claire's Accessories.

Next I used my Professional Nail Art polish by Rio. I definatley recomend these polishes because if you are into doing nail art they come in very useful! They have a very thin brush one side and a pen on the other. I might do a review on these pretty soon. I used the white one to draw a thin line directly underneath my green tips.

The I used my pen side of the Professional Nail Art polish in black to create little dots on the pink section of the nail.

Leave to dry for about 20 minutes to stop the colours bleeding together then apply a top coat. I used the top coat by Sinful Colours.

I hope you like the design and please tell me your oppinions and if you tried out the design, tell me how you did!
Paige xoxo

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