Monday, 20 September 2010

Essence Very Berry

Essence Very Berry is a pinkish berry color from the Jelly Baby collection that came out in March/April 2009. It looks more pink in the first photo but in indoor light it looks more berry. It is a really nice, bright and vivid color. I'm not fussed on jelly formulas and this was no exception. You have to work fast, not because it dries quickly but because it gets tacky quickly. One coat looks nice, but 2 coats makes the colour opaque. It took a little while to dry.

What do you guys think?
Paige xoxo

Excuses, excuses + rambles...

Hello again!

It seems like ages since I posted last.. Well it has been over a week :(
I'm so sorry I've been MIA. I have 1 valid reason and one, well, not so valid reason.

1. My laptop has been down for a few days so I couldn't get online to post.

2. School. When people use school as an excuse for not doing something, people often think 'homework, detention, extra curricular activities, bed early...' but unfortunately, none of these are for me. My excuse is... biting my nails. I am really angry and annoyed at my self for sinking this low. Throughout the summer holidays, I didn't bite my nails once. Not once. Now, my 3rd week back in school and I have bitten most of my nails. Not all the way to the quick, but theyr'e not the length they were. I was so happy with them before too. I knew there was still a little way to go before they were my 'dream length' but they were getting there slowly and now I'm back to the beginning :'( I felt embarrassed to show them to you guys but I am setting myself a goal. Not to bite my nails. Ever. I really need to MENTALLY STOP MYSELF!

On the plus side I have got one of my most wanted polishes.. Chanel Black Satin! I have always loved black polish so this was a must for me. Last week I finally got it. I know it's a few years old now but I think of this one as a NP collectors item, a colletion completer, a must for any fantic. I have been wearing it this week and swatches will come in the next few days (hopefully tomorrow).

I think that's it! Hopefully I didn't bore you too much. I promise that posts will be back to normal and I wanted to say thanks to my new followers!

Paige xoxo

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Primark - Teal Or No Teal

Hey girls!

When I picked up this polish from Primark, to be honest I wasn't expecting much. The Glo Baby Glo polishes are only £2 after all. This colour jumped out at me first because I love teals. The teal from the collection is in Teal Or No Teal.

I absolutley LOVED it! Formula was easy, streak free and flowed onto my nail perfectly. I only used 1 coat and the colour is very vibrant and glossy. The first picture is true to colour while the second picture is too dark.

I'm going to get some more Primark polishes because I liked them so much. I'd recommend you guys checking them out too!
Have you tried any Pri polishes? What do you think?

Paige xoxo

Friday, 10 September 2010

Collection 2000 - BMX Bandit (32)

So I have another Collection 2000 polish today. It's BMX Bandit (32), a medium blue. It reminds me of the shade French Blue from the colour chart below. The third swatch picture is more true to the real colour.

The formula was okay I suppose. There were a few bubbles and it was a bit too thick but the good thing was there was no streaks. I used two coats but one would have been enough. Something I didn't like about this though was that it chipped in UNDER 1 DAY! That's pathetic.

In a haul from a while ago, I bought a matte topcoat from Claire's Cosmetics Accessories. I've been meaning to use it for the longest time and I just forgot so I finally got round to applying it.
It was easy to apply but I'm a bit disappointed. It wasn't completely matt, just 'semi matt'. I really felt like rocking real matt nails so I'm going to have to take a look at what other topcoats I can used to get the look.

Paige xoxo

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

New E.L.F Autumn Collection & matte finisher!

Today, E.L.F cosmetics UK released there Autumn collection. The collection had 4 polish shades. All polishes are around a 'red' theme and they are very pretty for this time of year. This collection has been released in the US already but it's new to us UK girls!

Purple Pleaser- Some definite red undertones, making it more of a warm plum cream.
Rosy Raisin - Dark, deep red, slightly brown.
Red Velvet - Crimson with silver shimmer.
Cranberry - Dark red metallic.

I'm really wanting to try Red Velvet, Cranberry and the matte top coat.
These polishes are only £1.50/$1 each which is amazing!
Are you going to be looking into anything?
Paige xoxo

Monday, 6 September 2010

Nails Inc - New York

Hey girls!
I got this polish a little while ago when a free bottle of limited edition Nails Inc polish was being given away when you baught 2 bottles of Diet Coke. This one is a hot hot pink in New York. I absolutley adore the colour. Pink is my signature nail colour, weather it's bubble gum pink or hot pink, I love them!

The formula was a dream, so easy to apply and it only needed one coat. It only lasted a day before chipping though wich is a shame.

I'm regretting not getting the full collection of limited polsihes from the offer because they are so good!
Paige xoxo

Friday, 3 September 2010

Girly bow & spots nail design

Hey :D
Bows are really in fashion at the moment so I wanted to go with the theme and do a bow nail design!

I used 3 coats of Revlon's Sheer Mauve as a base on every nail then using my Rio Nail Art pen in black, I drew a bow on each of my left hand's nails. I attempted to do bows on my right hand too and it didn't work out too well so I did black polka dots instead.
It's the first time I have ever attempted to draw a bow, let alone draw small ones with black polish on my nails! There not perfect by any means but I wanted to show you guys anyway.
Hope you like them!
Paige xoxo