Monday, 6 September 2010

Nails Inc - New York

Hey girls!
I got this polish a little while ago when a free bottle of limited edition Nails Inc polish was being given away when you baught 2 bottles of Diet Coke. This one is a hot hot pink in New York. I absolutley adore the colour. Pink is my signature nail colour, weather it's bubble gum pink or hot pink, I love them!

The formula was a dream, so easy to apply and it only needed one coat. It only lasted a day before chipping though wich is a shame.

I'm regretting not getting the full collection of limited polsihes from the offer because they are so good!
Paige xoxo

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Lois said...

Lovely color! So cool you could get this one for free :)

PaintAwayGirls! said...

Thanks Lois<3