Friday, 10 September 2010

Collection 2000 - BMX Bandit (32)

So I have another Collection 2000 polish today. It's BMX Bandit (32), a medium blue. It reminds me of the shade French Blue from the colour chart below. The third swatch picture is more true to the real colour.

The formula was okay I suppose. There were a few bubbles and it was a bit too thick but the good thing was there was no streaks. I used two coats but one would have been enough. Something I didn't like about this though was that it chipped in UNDER 1 DAY! That's pathetic.

In a haul from a while ago, I bought a matte topcoat from Claire's Cosmetics Accessories. I've been meaning to use it for the longest time and I just forgot so I finally got round to applying it.
It was easy to apply but I'm a bit disappointed. It wasn't completely matt, just 'semi matt'. I really felt like rocking real matt nails so I'm going to have to take a look at what other topcoats I can used to get the look.

Paige xoxo

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