Sunday, 9 May 2010

Nails Inc - Paris

As promised, here's my swatch and review on the limited edition Nails Inc. polish in Paris that I got free with the Diet Coke promotion. If you want more information on the Nails Inc. for Diet Coke offer, see my previous post.
I applied this last night and somehow, I managed to spill nail polish remover all over my bed, but lets not go into details about that lol!

The picture doesn't show the real colour of the polish. In real life, it's more darker, more of a plum colour.
Application was great! Very smooth, streak-free, no bubbles and dried extremely quickly. One coat would have been enough but I wanted to use 2 coats, just for a brighter colour.
I totally forgot to apply a topcoat this time and the polish has just started chipping ever so slightly on the top of 5 of my nails so if you don't use a topcoat, this is something you should keep in mind.
To buy the Nails Inc. polishes regularly, they cost £10.50. Expensive for a nail polish but I think there worth it if I'm honest. The range of colours the company has is very good and the application makes the money well spent!
Have you tried Nails Inc. polishes before? What ones are your favourite?
Paige xoxo

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