Monday, 10 May 2010

Wet N Wild - Lavender Creme

How is everyone on this Monday evening?
I'm actually quite excited about this polish that I just applied! It's by Wet N Wild and in the shade Lavender Creme. Wet N Wild polishes are avalible at an amazing price of 99c (USD) and I got mine from Walgreens when I was in Florida on vacation last December. I'm not sure where you can get them here in the UK but you could proberbly find an online store that sells them or take a look on eBay if your interested.
As some of you might know, pink is my favourite colour of ALL time so I have quite a few different shades of pink in my collection. This one though is my favourite as I love the colour so much! It's a very very hot, Barbie pink... Love it!!
1 coat would have been enough but because I loved the colour so much, I wanted to add another coat to make the colour more brighter and stand out more. I used the Collection 2000 topcoat that I absolutley love. The picture is without flash.
Application was fantastic. Very thick and creamy formular (my favourite) and had a glossy finish. I would definatley recomend these polishes to anyone.
I'm definatley going to be looking into the brand more carefully and seeing what other shades they have.  
Have you tried the Wet N Wild polishes before? Whats your favourite shade?
Paige xoxo

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