Monday, 19 July 2010

Claire's Cosmetics - Lilac

Hey :D
For me, the polishes from Claire's Accessories are quite hit and miss. I have a green that is very thin, a glitter top coat that just doesn't come out glittery and now this mid toned lilac creme that is very thick. Also, I've notied that the Claire's polishes from the US have specific shade names but the ones from the UK don't have shade names, wierd!

One coat would have been enouh but I used 2 coats to make it fully opaque. I'm quite happy with the drying time for this one and I love the high gloss finish.

The brush is very small compaired to regular nail polish brushes so if you have big hands, that might be a problem lol.
TOP: Avon
BOTTOM: Claire's Accessories Cosmetics

I don't think this polish is anything special so for the price (I think there £2.50 for this size but I'm not too sure) there good.
Have a good week!
Paige xoxo

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Megan Harmeyer said...

Pretty color. It even looks thick on your nails, but not in a bad way. I haven't been too impressed with Claire's polish either. But I do love their mood polishes.

PaintAwayGirls! said...

Thanks Megan! I love the mood polishes too, there really great x