Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Collection 2000 - Button Moon

Hey girlie's :)
My mani I have been wearing for the past few days is Button Moon by Collection 2000 Hot Looks. Definitely in my top 3 favourite polishes. I'm in love! Very fast drying (like the bottle says), quite thick, long lasting without chips/tip wear, easy to work with, good formula, high gloss finish and a gorgeous chalky light blue colour.

After 1 coat there was no streaks but the colour wasn't as opaque as I wanted. After 2 coats the colour was great but I used 3 coats (I really had no I idea why I used 3 when 2 coats would have been just fine, oh well!) The only 'problem' I have to say about this is that you have to wait for one coat to dry before adding another because otherwise the first coat will drag. You don't have to wait long thought because the polish is fast drying.

People have tipped this polish as a dupe for MAC's Peppermint Patti but looking at pictures they are totally different! Peppermint Patti is green when Button Moon is blue. Weird how people could think that when they are so different.

At under £2 a pop, there a fab deal. I'm going to be buying a few more colours from the range. What do you think? You can see the rest of the range on there website. but don't trust the pictures of shades on the website. Let's take Hoola Hoop for example, one picture of it is purple while the other is pink. Same with Hip Hop and a few others. I would check them out in stores to see the true colour if you were thinking of buying them!
Paige xoxo

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