Friday, 11 June 2010

FREE Benefit cosmetics in UK Glamour magazine!!

Hey :D
I'm here to tell you about a fantastic deal I found out about thanks to a friend on Facebook.

If you buy this months (June) issue of the glossy UK fashion magazine, Glamour, for just £2, you will received one of 3 free, full sized Benefit products! AMAZINGGGGGGG!!
Here are the products available:

EYE BRIGHT (£14): Stroke this pink brightening pencil on the inner and outer corners of the eye to look instantly wide-awake. It's like a coffee break in a stick!

BAD GAL (£14): This big, BAD, black eye pencil is a beauty addicts dream and a makeup artist's must-have. Dark, smoky, mysterious...being BAD never looked so good! The powdery consistency makes this black pencil ideal for smooth, straight lines, and can also be smudged for a smoky, sexy look.

IT STICK (£17): A few strokes of Benefit’s It Stick, an ecru coloured line diffusing pencil, in just the right places, will help make you look young and cheery in seconds. Turning back time has never been so simple!

I'm going to be out searching for these magazines tomorrow. I'm looking to get the It Stick and Eye Bright.
Go snap up this incredible deal NOW!
Paige xoxo

2 people are sharing the love!:

Rebecca said...

I got the It Stick! I was sceptical but it's really good!!

PaintAwayGirls! said...

Hey Rebecca :)
In the end, I got all 3 products because I just couldnt decide!
The It Stick is my favourite too <3