Tuesday, 29 June 2010

No-brand polishes

Hey :)
I was looking through my polishes and I wanted to see how many 'un branded/un named' polishes I had. It turned out I had quite a few. These are the kind of polishes that I don't use very often because I either think they will chip easily, be very sheer or will have a bad formula.
I think it's a waste if there just sitting around 'collecting dust' so I'm going to start swatching them to try them out. I'm really looking forward to trying the neon's :D
Just a quick question, does anyone in the UK know where I can buy a bottle or pure acetone? I have looked in Boots, Tesco and Asda but no luck as of yet. Please please please lmk if you know a place that sells it because I've been after it for some time.
Paige xoxo

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Vedra said...

Hi! I'm not in the UK, but did you try painter's supply shops, art supply stores, or hardware/home improvement stores for acetone? Basically anywhere you can buy paint too - that's where I get it here in Austria. hth :)

PaintAwayGirls! said...

Thanks Vedra, I never thought of looking in those stores. I'm going to be looking out for it this week x