Wednesday, 25 August 2010

H&M - Wicked Purple

Hey gurlies!
So a while ago H&M nail polishes were mega hyped on both blogs and Youtube. I was very late juming on the bandwagon but when I saw this polish in H&M, it just jumped out at me. The bottle is so unique. A wierd shaped bottom with a huge black pointed brush! It was £2.99 and from the Hello Kitty cosmetic range.

I loved the formula, it was perfect and it only needed one coat for it to be fully opaque. I also loved the high gloss finish of this polish. The only think I didn't like though was that big chips happened in under 24 hours wich is bad.

I hope this is a one off because theres some colours I love from the regular H&M range.

Do you like these polishes?
Paige xoxo

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